Living Colors Nursery Inc.

Our primary crops are Bromeliads and Orchids, all grown under the strictest quality standards to provide brilliant, long-lasting color to interiorscapers, mass marketers, wholesalers, garden centers and brokers in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean.

As plant lovers ourselves, we produce a truly exceptional product – our plants consistently display more longevity and better characteristics than the industry average. This is a result of better rooting, healthy nutritional levels, and reduced conductivity for indoor use.

Since vivid color is the key feature of our product, we use the most valuable resource available – our customers – to guide our variety choices. We maintain strong relationships with breeders of young plants, and we often provide the testing ground for the production of new varieties here in South Florida.

We use a high quality European peat moss as our growing medium; while it’s far more expensive than a standard soil mix, the extra cost is offset by better rooting, ph management, and less fertilizer needed. We use a strictly controlled environment for our young plants, making our finished product stronger and longer-lived from the beginning.

We are extremely proud that we are recognized as a grower of excellent quality plant product, and that we are thought of as fair and dependable in our business dealings. Our customers have the confidence to buy our product sight unseen, knowing that we will deliver as promised.

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An Ongoing Commitment to a Greener World

Much of the reason we are in the plant business is our passion for nature and the environment. We’re always exploring more ways of minimizing our carbon footprint. To that end, we are one of the first nurseries in South Florida to  substantially invest in solar power.

We have, from the beginning, supplemented our fertilizer use with organic fertilizers. Not only does the use of these additives help reduce the use of petroleum-based fertilizers, our plants respond to them very well.

We always discard our soil and plants into a compost pile. This compost recycle pile has enriched many gardens, landscapes, and groves in our neighborhood, and reduced space in our local landfill.

We use pest scouting and Integrated Pest Management, reducing chemical spraying significantly by using it only when observation shows it to be needed. We measure fertilizer levels in the media to help us limit our use of fertilizer to only the essential needs.

We use a reverse osmosis water system at our nursery, and it is with a mixture of pride and sadness that we say our plants receive better water than a very large percentage of the world’s human population. We have chosen a system that does not require pre-softened water so we do not dispose of salt into the ground water.

The nature of the water filtering process produces a very pure water, which we use for production, and the by-product “gray” water, which is used for our property’s landscaping, so nothing goes to waste.